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Hypnotherapy is all about using the power of your mind to make changes. Its a wonderful way of helping you to take back control of your life in areas that you feel are out of control or where you may feel you will never re-gain that control.   In a nutshell its hypnosis with a therapeutic input!

Hypnosis is a tool we use to relax your conscious mind so that together, we can have direct access to your unconscious mind to give it new suggestions of ways to think and behave that will positively affect both thoughts and behaviours.

It’s a tool for healing and self-improvement, an alternative therapy for a wide range of health conditions. It can be used to overcome habits and thought patterns, performance anxiety and phobias, including weight control, pain management and smoking cessation, motivation, relaxation, stress management, personal achievement and lots more.

Yes! But only in the sense that you are taking back control of things that have got out of control. You will not lose control – you will gain control.  One of the best analogies is that you are the driver and the hypnotherapist is the navigator. So, you are always in the driving seat and in control, the hypnotherapist is your guide during your session, helping you to find the way to the solution you are looking for.

Absolutely not! In a clinical setting the purpose of hypnotherapy is to provide a safe environment for you to make changes to the way you think and behave. You will also most certainly be asked to imagine or think about something. Visualisation is a powerful tool used in hypnotherapy as we tap into the fact that your subconscious mind doesn’t understand the difference between reality and imagination.

No one can be made to do something under hypnosis that they are morally opposed to, not even on the stage for entertainment purposes!

Everyone can be hypnotised but not against their will. So, you have to want to be hypnotised and you have to trust the person guiding you through the hypnosis.

In fact, hypnosis is a completely safe and natural state for us and we all hypnotise ourselves every day. When you’re driving have you ever got to your destination and wondered how you got there? What happens is that your conscious mind wanders but your subconscious mind stays alert and continues to drive for you because its learnt all the skills needed to carry out the operational part of the task.

The same happens when you’re reading a book and you get lost in it or when you’re watching a really engrossing film. You lose all sense of where you are and become totally focused on the book or film.

Actually, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis – the hypnotherapist is just the navigator guiding you into hypnosis.

You won’t! We all hypnotise ourselves several times a day – driving, reading, daydreaming -but we don’t get stuck there do we? You are always in control.

During the session you are able to open your eyes and move and are free to leave at any time. You probably won’t want to though as you’ll be so relaxed and comfortable that you’ll want to stay right there and enjoy the experience!

Your hypnotherapist will always ‘wake’ you at the end of the session and make sure that you are fully ready to leave their therapy room.

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